Is your authentic self waiting to be discovered?

Art therapy and creativity bring us into the present moment to explore our inner truths. I can guide you to feeling more present and authentic in your life and to start showing up as your most alive and creative self.


The act of creating is a powerful tool for change that we can all access. Yet, it can be hard in our everyday lives (even for artists) to make time for imagination and creativity. I hold space for you to explore art materials to create metaphors and stories to work through tough times, and celebrate accomplishments. Have you been wanting to be witnessed in all your authenticity and encouraged to get unstuck and closer to your true self? Art Therapy, Creative Coaching and Supervision are powerful ways to connect with the deepest part of yourself and start showing up this way, seeing beauty in your world.


My work is grounded in the belief that I am a midwife of the creative spirit. I hold space for self-expression to flow, and for creativity to thrive. I see myself as a witness to the unfolding of authenticity and greater presence in everyday life. When we're creating, we can be seen exactly as we are, and strive for ease and inspiration. Creativity is a powerful tool for authentic expression that can carry through other aspects of life.  

I have worked as an art therapist in Vancouver for six years with individuals in diverse settings (children and families, youth, seniors, veterans, addictions and mental health) and love working with people who are going through transitions in their lives, searching for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. I work primarily with women, children, people in recovery and dealing with grief/loss, anxiety, and everyday life challenges. I use visual arts (paint, pencils, pastels, textiles, weaving, craft materials, natural materials, clay etc), storytelling and dreamwork as the modes of expression. I have recently completed a doula training and have a passion for working with women along their birth journey (having children of your own, birthing art/projects into the world, or grieving losses) and discovering the wild magic and wisdom within.

I spent years knowing that I was a creative soul, but searching for an outlet or permission to show up in that way. While living in France, I took art classes at a small studio and felt so empowered by the act of creating art. It wasn't the end product that mattered so much, but the feeling I had that I could create something from nothing. I felt so empowered by creating, that I wanted to share it with the world! I know there are so many people who feel this way, and want to let their authentic, creative self shine. I am most at home when helping others discover this for themselves and when working on my own weaving, natural dyeing, spinning or knitting projects. 

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