Art Therapy

Art Therapy helps us express our most authentic self. I hold space for you to work through difficult situations in a beautiful and embodied way. The process is effective for working with a range of life experiences, and I guide you through the journey of expressing what needs to be heard and witnessed.

$80/hr session




I’ve been through the challenges and vulnerability of bringing projects into the world and believe strongly in this entrepreneurial process. I want to help grow an ecosystem of practitioners and creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs who bring their gifts to the world. I would love to support you to jumpstart, grow or develop your practice/project.

$90/hr session (free initial 30 min consult)




Looking for practical tips and support in your practice? I'm a Registered Art Therapist with The Canadian Art Therapy Association. If you are an art therapist working toward registration, I can support you to talk through struggles with clients, or areas of struggle/ growth in your practice. 

$75/hr session


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"Sarah Peacock has been working with my 7 and a half year old daughter since she was just 2 years old. We have had a lot of 'changes' in our lives over the last 5 years. Having Sarah Peacock in our lives, to work her Art Therapy with us, has been an essential part of us being able to process and move through all of these changes coming out stronger in the end. Especially through the young years when it was tricky to use spoken language as a communicative tool, Sarah held space for my daughter and I to process some very dark and tricky times and taught my little one how to use art to process and feel better, rather than internalizing all the confusing thoughts/feelings/experiences. These are life skills that will continue to be gifts and impact my daughter's life in the road ahead. I/we are forever grateful." -Delphine Baumer